A glimpse of understanding the state of growing up from rattled  upbringing.

You are so long given the chance to go out and work for what you believe could change everything. We don’t choose where we are born nor who our fathers are, but it leaves a lot of questions because it seems like the road we are leading on is far off long.

It is a new day and new possibilities
Aries. Maybe it was meant to be, maybe our purpose is to work hard and be the ones to change our family states.

We know nothing but believing and hoping that greener pastures are yet to come to us and how ironic it is that someday our daughters will cheer and applaud for the hardships of their fathers.


What kind of art do collectors grip?
I have asked myself this question  time and time again. Is it the art that carries life and real life situations? Or the art that carries fiction or commercial use?

The states we live in do not open in a vast of learning about how to sell our art works. You produce the work that carries a lot of sight and ripping the benefits of your labour will then connect contours of your live.

To those that see the work of art and have the needs to help artists develop into established, independent  and self sustainable creators of content should at least try and help out.

I am one of artists affected by picking up sales and getting to publish my work on fine prints. I know that it is ironic for an artist to be chasing after money. But coming to think that times have changed and the elevation of technology affects us because we have to keep up with the times and produce good quality of work. That requires the need for new equipment and travel expenses.

Besides from waiting for miracles we got the foreground of looking after ourselves and preserving the art that speaks volume.

But in due time collectors will hear our cry and start believing in the locals.

Photo by Neo Gift Mohlolo



‘’SIMPLICITY WITH ATTITUTE’’ is what sets HOMBRÉ on a good site of fashion. My first love into the artistic world have always been fashion. Each and every time I converse or see clothes I ge…

Source: HOMBRÉ



As our minds are blackened it hurts our souls, because we leave in the corporate world that is contaminated with grieve and judgement. DSC08178-01.jpeg

I think the society should come to a realisation of coming out of a shell filled with fear and seeking for permission to do things that make them happy. With our generation we choose to be ourselves, because we believe that the world want to see the real us not something that is already on a trend or fast going fashion, I would love to believe that we are on the right track when it comes to producing our work, but I simply come to notice that when it comes to projects we work on we put ourselves first that have worked to our advantage because it means that before the society judge us we have already judged ourselves. So this helps one to take negative critics as a room for improvement, with the understanding of allowing yourself to understand that not everyone will love, like, flirter and understand what you are doing it is alright you just have to accept that there is nothing wrong with you because you are not in this world to win a popularity contest. DSC08189-01

With the intensity of constructing what our minds can think of and being able to put it in the visual text is a gift. It slightly come to my senses with a shift of juggling around ideas and implementing them, to better our chances of improving our work load and to grow while doing what we love.     DSC08179-01.jpeg

I don’t know the reason why I constructed this paragraphs because I think the photographs have a voice on their own. With my biggest gratitude I would love to thank Mackson Gopolang Chirwa for his efforts in helping me succeed this project. DSC08198-01.jpeg